Herathera Staff drowns in Hulhudhoo-Herathera Channel

Mr. Ahmed Sood Ali

The eighteen years old Herathera Staff, Mr. Ahmed Suood Ali of Ujala, S.Hulhudhoo drowned away with the heavy open sea current that was passing through the channel at around 14:30 pm today.
He was walking along the channel with his picnic mate Ms. Mahin, whose cry for rescue prompted Suood’s cousin Ms. Sajidha about the helpless situation they were entering into.
 “Just a moment after replying “NO” to Mahin and Suood request to join with them to walk along the channel, I heard Mahin shouting for help. I saw her drowning and Suood missing.” Fear struck cousin of Suood, Ms. Sajidha said.
A night view of the channel
Security guards at Herathera Island resort heard the shout for help by Mahin and they initiated the rescue process by sending their workshop staff Mr. Mohamed Niyaz and Mr. Affan. Niyaz rescued Malha to the safe area while search for Suood continued. 
“Suood was found few meters way from the epic center near the bridge between Hulhudhoo and Herathera. They are believed to have started walking along the channel from the mouth facing open sea and his body had washed few meters west underwater.”  Mr. Affan, who searched and lifted Suood’s body out of the sea bed stated.
Disaster point mouth facing open sea
Immediately after removing his body from sea bed, Hulhumeedhoo Hospital was informed about the seriousness and urgency of the situation. “I called up on Hulhumeedhoo Hospital to send their Ambulance” Ms. Zulaikha Manike said.
Ambulance arrived at the scene shortly, but just as a taxi. It was not prepared to cater for the emergency requirements. “It had no oxygen facility, no nurse, and no emergency facilities” Mr. Ahmed Lirar who rushed Suood with Ambulance to hospital stated. According to Lirar, Suood took two deep breathes on their way to hospital.
Huge crowed of Hulhudhoo boys and girls and members of family and relatives filled up the hospital to find out his situation. As Doctor confirmed his fatal demise, the frustrated crowed hammered the management of the hospital verbally.
During 2009 a 14 year old boy from Meedhoo died of a similar incident, where he was drowned in to the channel between Meedhoo and Ismehela Hera. Read
Since Maldives is surrounded by sea, knowing swimming and rescue techniques while at sea is largely important. 

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